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OK, someone on your staff says he or she can do a web page for you. They've read "Web Design for Dummies" and picked up a copy of FrontPage. Sounds like a really good and cheap way to get up on the Internet. But consider these factors in making a cost-efficient and sound business decision:

Can your staff member (or their offspring) create a unique visual identity for you with custom designed graphics?

Will your visitors be greeted by a Web site which is crafted to be part of, and as good as, your overall corporate or organizational image?

Does your staff member have sufficient technical skills to create all the components of your site, including fast-loading, attractive graphics?

Will your staff member be taken away from more important tasks for which they actually have training?

Will your staff member have the time to continue to maintain the Web site after it is created?

At Solo Services, our web programmers and artists are professionals. Web site design and development is all that they do.

We will grasp the vision of your company or organization and then organize your content and provide editing skills, in addition to the technical aspect of building your site.

Your content, information, products and services will be displayed in a way which creates a unique visual identity.

A clear and logically organized navigation system will be designed for your Web site that leaves the user no question about where they are and how to get to where they need to go.

Solo Services provides face-to-face communications with you and your staff and also provides follow-up support and long-term maintenance of your Web site.
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